Monday, February 11, 2013


In music, syncopation is when the normally unaccented beat becomes accented.  The beat is displaced.  I am starting this blog to chronicle my journey in creating a home.  I love all things having to do with home, and I hope to explore many aspects of that here on the blog.  I enjoy trying my hand at decorating though I am certainly not a decorator.  Let's start the blog by looking at some images that inspire me. 

Check out this interior by Shuyler Samperton.  It's such a quirky mix of prints.  I love the rug, curtains, and that striped chair.  It looks stylish and comfortable.

My favorite thing about this dining room is the wicker chairs.  I love almost anything wicker.  It makes a room feel earthy and cozy.

 In the past year I've come to enjoy gardening.  Someday I hope to have an English garden.  Maybe this picture is a little bit of a dream,but it's a beautiful dream.

 source unknown
I couldn't start this blog without mentioning my obsession with tea. 
I start each day with a cup of tea.  It just makes life nicer.

I enjoy mixing and matching the clothes in my closet.  With the right pieces there really are endless combinations.  One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is Jessica Quirk's blog What I Wore . 

Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to getting to know you and sharing more about my life!  Enjoy!

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