Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Field Trip: Columbia

When my husband and I went on a mini trip for our anniversary, one of the places we visited was Columbia.  It's a little town near Lancaster that is becoming one of best places to look for antiques in Central Pennsylvania.  When we were there, we only visited one shop.  I wanted to go back to explore a little more.  There are stores for every budget.  The first shop I visited was a high end shop, but they had some really cool stuff!

The top floor of the store had a section that was set up like a soda shop.  

The second shop I visited was inside of an old theater.  

I really liked this cute dry sink.

I love this little bench with casters that I found at Burning Bridges.  I have the perfect spot for it too.  It's probably gone by now.

This place was huge! They had all sorts of things.  They even had a little cafe.  If you are into mid century modern, they had a good amount of furniture at one booth.

I probably would have bought this chair if it hadn't been painted.

I had a great time exploring Columbia, Pennsylvania.  I hope you'll take a day and explore it sometime.

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