Thursday, July 4, 2013

Back in Time

Happy Fourth of July!  It's a big week here in south central Pennsylvania.  It's the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg.  We've heard that thousands of people have descended upon Gettysburg to celebrate this anniversary.  We have steered clear of that area, because of all of the people.  Here in Mechanicsburg, we're located to the north of Gettysburg, but we still had our part to play in this historic time.  Mechanicsburg is the northern most point that surrendered to the south.

On Friday we visited a local church that featured a group of musicians in period dress singing and playing Civil War songs

Then we walked down to the park to check out the encampment.

On Saturday many people in the town gathered to watch a reenactment of the surrender of Mechanicsburg.  Some people came to town dressed in period clothes.

After the band had played and the canons were fired, a Union soldier came through the town warning us that the Confederates were coming.

 A bell ringer rang through the town warning the people and telling them to bring any food to the town square.

The Confederates made it to town with the general leading the way.

The mayor surrendered the Union flag.

The Confederates raise their flag.

It was interesting to see the history of the town celebrated and reenacted.  I hope you have a great day celebrating the birthday of our great nation!

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