Monday, July 1, 2013

A Syncopated Wedding Part I: Wedding Flowers

Today we enter the month of July.  It is not particularly hot here in Central PA, but it is so humid.  I guess it's going to stick around for a few days, so I better get used to it!  July is the month that I got married!  On July 16 it will be two years.  To celebrate, I'll be sharing some of the details of my wedding throughout the month.

First I'm going to highlight the wedding flowers. I ordered all of the flowers in bulk from Sams Club.  They came on a Thursday in boxes.  It took me about two hours to get all of the flowers out of the boxes, give the stems a fresh cut and put them in water.  On Friday, my sister and a friend arranged all of the flowers.  They worked really hard all day, and the flowers looked beautiful.

Ordering the flowers in bulk is a great option if you want to arrange the flowers yourself or if you have someone to do that for you.  We had so many flowers.  When my sister was finished with the bridal flowers, she just started looking for any vases we had in the house to put flowers in.  We didn't want to waste any.

The picture above is my bouquet.  It has blue hydrangeas, orchids, delphinium, lavender roses, white roses, gooseneck loosestrife, purple tulips, and dark purple calla lilies.  I loved my bouquet.  Another great tip is to check your local grocery stores in the weeks before the wedding.  I noticed that my local store was carrying calla lilies, so I bought a small bunch for my bouquet to make it a little more special.  I bought some filler greenery at the grocery store too.

This is the bridesmaid bouquet.  It was similar to mine, but slightly smaller.  I think the eucalyptus.  really set the bridesmaid bouquets apart from the bridal bouquet.

We had enough flowers for the arrangements at the front of the church and all of the windows in the church.

Since we were doing so much with the other flowers in the wedding, I wanted to keep the centerpieces simple.  They consisted of three vases with stones at the bottom, one orchid in each one and a floating candle on the top.

Did you DIY anything for your wedding?  I'd love to hear about it.  Leave it in the comments below.  I'll be sharing more details as the month goes on.  I hope you'll check back!

Special thanks to my sisters and sister-in-law for taking all of these pictures on the big day!

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