Monday, August 26, 2013

House Tour: Gravel Patio

The gravel patio was one of the first projects I took on this summer.  We had a corner of our yard that was a little scary.  There were piles of leaves, weeds, and a lot ugly bugs!  I've been working on cleaning up the area since we've been married, but this year I finally had a vision for what the space could be.  After doing some research on Pinterest, or course, I decided to turn it into a gravel patio where we could have a fire pit.

I added some potted plants for color.

I love plants with interesting foliage.  Coleus is one of my favorites for adding to summer pots.  I also have some impatiens, caladium, and asparagus fern.  Caladium has a tuber.  I'm going to try to dig it up and save it over the winter.  I'll try to overwinter my asparagus fern too.  

Here I have a different variety of calladium with an ornamental perennial grass.  I'll stick him in the ground over the winter.  I have a spider plant with a fuchsia.

I just love the bright pink, bell-like flowers of the fuchsia.  I wish it were a perennial.  Larissa tells me I can save it over the winter.

These adirondack chairs are a great place to enjoy the fire!

I created this chandelier out of a hanging plant basket and some beads.  I spray painted them a pretty turquoise color.  The inspiration came from this website. I left it a little more open so I can add a tap light to the chandelier when it gets dark outside.

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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  1. You did an awesome job! Pots look great!

  2. Your parsonage is just WONDERFUL! (So jealous!) I am trying, but I feel like a slacker in comparison!