Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Welcome 2014!

Hello!  It's been awhile!  As a music teacher and a pastor's wife things get pretty busy for me from Thanksgiving until Christmas!  This year was no exception!  I'm back and ready to tackle this new year.  Like many people, I like to write down some goals for the new year.  Here are a few of mine.

1.  Exercise more
2.  Learn how to make and can jam
3.  Read more
4.  Enjoy peace and quiet
5.  Blog more consistently
6.  Journal more consistently
7.  A whole host of home decorating projects!

To save myself the embarrassment when I don't actually finish all of the home projects that I have planned, I won't list them here.  One big plan I have is to fix up this hallway and stairway.

When I started this blog almost a year ago now, I thought I would blog two or three times a week.  That may have been a bit ambitious.  I have found out that blogging is a lot of work!  This year I'm going to aim for a blog post every Wednesday.  If I get more than that, I'll consider it a bonus.

In the immediate future I am planning doing a few updates to the blog.  In the meantime you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram.  Have you made any resolutions?  Share them in the comments section!


  1. would love to read about your canning jam! that's something I would love to learn how to do!

    1. A post on canning coming right up. But you'll have to wait until June when the strawberries are ready. :-)