Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What is your design style?

Since I have become interested in home decorating and design I've been trying to put a name to my design style.  I don't really think it's necessary.  You can throw together whatever you like in your own home.  That's what makes your home unique.  I still wanted to see if my particular style has a name.  Does your style have a name?

Do you like clean lines?  Maybe your style is modern.

Do you like bold colors and textures?  Maybe you like the Bohemian style?

Do you love all things Ikea?  Maybe you like Scandinavian design?

One way to narrow down your design style is to try to describe it in three words.  My three words are COZY, WARM, and COMFORTABLE.

Another way is of course, Pinterest!  After a few months of pinning rooms that you like, I think you'll start to notice a pattern.  I think I've noticed that my style is Modern Farmhouse.  I love the look of these chairs and that light fixture.

I love this light fixture too.  Look at those vintage parlor chairs.

Check out the mix of the vintage painting and chest with the modern sofa.

This might be the perfect living room.

I would kill to find a vintage hutch like this one!

One thing I can't get enough of is antique furniture.  The chippier, the better!  To update the look of your antique furniture, try mixing it with a modern lamp.  Place an antique chest of drawers in front of some modern wallpaper or a modern looking gallery wall.

Have you pinned down your design style?  Share it in the comments section below!


  1. Very nice. Pinterest has helped me as well. I think my style is "modern rustic."

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