Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The answer to my entryway problem?

I've been trying to come up with some sort of entryway in my house.  I think an entryway will really help to keep my things organized when I come in the door, as least that's what I keep telling myself.  I wrote a post with pictures of the type of entryway I might like.  Here are a few specific things I'm looking for.

1.  A few hooks to hang coats and/or bags

2.  A place to drop a bag that is too heavy to hang

3.  A place to put mail or keys

4.  A place to keep shoes

5.  It must be small.  We don't have a lot of space to work with.

6.  It must be affordable.

I researched benchs, tables, and hooks on Overstock, and I came up with a few ideas.  Then I happened to run across this. . .

I don't even remember where I saw this.  I don't think it was from the original source, A Beautiful Mess, and I know it wasn't Apartment Therapy, although they did feature it later.  When I saw this,  I  thought, "that's it!"  I'm going for a bohemian vibe in my kitchen, and this is perfect.  I've already picked up the crates using my 50% off coupons at AC Moore.  That brings the crates down to $5 a piece (affordable, check!).  Now I just need to get the boards, hooks, and stain.  I can't wait until it's finished!  I can't wait until I have the whole kitchen finished, and I can share the before and after pictures with you.  I still have a few more projects to complete.  I'm working on a roman shade right now.  I think I'm well on my way to a happy kitchen.

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  1. I like it...if only I had an entryway! The shoe bench that my father-in-law was kind of my way of doing that since I already have some coat hooks in the hall.